Kris-November2011Kris Herbeck

Owner / Personal Fitness Trainer

Kris’s bio…

I’ve been a fan of fitness long before I started training and I always had plenty of books to study the right way to work out.  And I have always enjoyed transferring what I’ve learned to others which is why I love my job.

After 20+ years in the corporate world specializing in Human Resources Management Development, I decided to take my passion for teaching people and my passion for fitness and bring them together into a business by creating Body by Kris.

Just like most people, I have had my ups and down’s with my weight and had times in my life where I could not get motivated to stick to a fitness plan.  So, I know what you are going through and can appreciate where you are coming from.

My favorite places to workout have always been the neighborhood gym where you go and know everybody.  It always makes going to the gym a little easier when you can look forward to socializing with your friends.  And that is what I want at Body by Kris.  I want everyone to enjoy coming to workout.  I’m not a Drill Sargent and you won’t see me yelling and intimidating people.  My method is to give you a challenge and advise you on proper form along with positive reinforcement.  No one should feel intimidated to go to the gym and you will always feel welcome at Body byKris.  We’ve all had to start somewhere and you’d be surprised at how supportive the other members can be.  So come on in and give it a try.  You’re welcome here.

Kris’ Background

  • 1985 – AS in Fashion
  • 1988 – BS in Consumer Behavior
  • 2003 – MA in Organization Management
  • 2005 – Home Staging Certification (Yes, I can offer home decorating consulting services too!)
  • 2011 – Personal Fitness Training Licence from NESTA
  • 2011 – Founded Body by Kris