Personal Fitness Training

Body by Kris offers Personal Fitness Training for individuals or groups of two on site on in home.  Each session is customized to the customers individual needs and goals.


Private or Semi-Private Training

2015PriceListI would like to offer you a unique opportunity to develop a long-term successful fitness program in line with your personal goals that is also sensible, functional, and valuable in achieving greater health and longevity for life.

I will offer you consistent support and motivation throughout the entire time we are working together! I will design the best workout routine for your fitness level and goals.

I will help you work harder, more consistently, and more efficiently than you would on your own. I will provide you with enough guidance and education to ensure that you establish effective exercise patterns right from the beginning! I will educate you on how your body functions and how to train it, in a safe effective manner to achieve the results you want.

Body by Kris is committed to helping clients with medical conditions and special needs. For more information, please go to Personal Training for Clients with Medical Conditions or  Special Needs below.

  • Professional Trainer (Kris Herbeck)
  • Payments due at time of service. Discounts apply only to packages paid in advance.

Clients with Medical Conditions, “Special Needs” or Disabilities

Body by Kris continually works to gain knowledge in special fitness industry populations so that clients will benefit from the most up-to-date and accurate training information and procedures.

  • All medical/special needs clients must obtain a written medical release from their doctor to be provided to Body by Kris before participation in an exercise program with Body by Kris.
  • A Polar Fitness Heart Rate Monitor is required for training to continuously monitor your heart rate with an alarm function to keep you in a specified zone. It will also track calories burned, exercise time, time in zone and much more! Please ask us how to get one!
  • Discounts apply only to packages paid in advance. Payments are due at time of service.
  • Prices noted above apply for Clients with Medical Conditions, “Special Needs” or Disabilities.